Thursday, 8 October 2009

Motivated Day 2

According to my chore rota these are my "Daily Chores"

Make beds
Load/Run/Empty Dishwasher
Sweep Kitchen
Clean Kitchen Sink
Clear/Wipe kitchen counters
Plan/cook dinner
Wipe out bathroom sinks
Empty trash
Do laundry
Read to children
Quiet time
Take vitamins
Prepare tomorrows clothing
Do washing up

Then each day there are additional things, e.g today i had to

Change towels
Clean middle shelf of the fridge
Clean behind and under fridge
Mop kitchen
Work on baby book/photo album

Apart from a couple, ive managed the majority. Not bad considering i was up for a while with Caleb last night, went to mums and tots this morning and met my friend for a long walk this afternoon.


CindyMae said...

The business of life . . . eeek!

Kathy A. said...

Good lord girl - that is quite the list when you have a small child.
Don't forget to leave yourself time to rest and stitch.

Kim B said...

You're amazing!

Karan said...

Sheesh - am worn out reading that lot! LOL

Suzanne said...

I have decided to trial this as well. So on the 1st of November I will be starting this rotation as well. Let's see if I am a little more organised.