Saturday, 8 January 2011

And the winner is

.......Barbara!! Congratulations! My husband chose a random number for me and Barbara was that 11th person. Yeah! Barbara's blog was one of the first i started reading 4 years ago and i still do to date. I love it. I do not know how she has the time to do everything that she does though!! Barbara, you sound like an amazing woman! I promise to send you something before my next blog birthday :-)

Im having a good day. It was a really nice morning and we've had a dusting of snow again so the three of us went for a walk. After our walk i made potato scone rolls yum yum then, whilst Caleb napped, i went on my exercise bike for half an hour. The pavements were too slippy to go running. Now Matthew and Caleb are out running some errands and i've made banana loaf and prepared tonights casserole. Im feeling very productive!

TV has been so crap recently that we're back into watching films again. I hardly watched any movies last year. We're on a Godfather fix at the moment. We have the trilogy lined up to watch. 1 down, 2 to go. Ive heard The Godfather II is brilliant. I really enjoyed the first one so that bodes well. Last night we watched most of Slumdog Millionaire (still half an hour left to watch) far, sooo good.


Erna said...

Congratulations Barbara, enjoy the rest of your day Cheryl...

mainely stitching said...

Oh my goodness, I'm so excited that I can barely hit the right keys! Thank you!

We've also been terribly disappointed with TV lately and have all but decided to give up our cable subscription for a Netflix membership.

Lynn said...

Congrats to Barbara!
We watch very little TV here after the holidays have past. Hockey seems to occupy a lot of our time.
I can stitch and listen to the game at the same time.

Sharon said...

Happy Blog Anniversary Cheryl! Congrats to Barbara too!