Friday, 13 January 2012

Soccer mum

Im trying to find some time to stitch on my nephews birth sampler. I started this over a year ago. He turns 1 on the 26th January and i really want it to be his 1st birthday present. It was supposed to be his birth present! I am so nearly finished, look!

Tomorrow Caleb starts Football lessons. Signing him up for this was my first experience of the dog eat dog world of motherhood lol You had to go to the sports centre when it re-opened on the 28th December and queue to sign your kid up. There were 20 places. I arrived at 10am only to find the damn sports centre didn't open 'til 1pm and i had plans that afternoon. So, my mum went for me! She arrived at 1.05pm to find 6 mothers in the queue already. Caleb got a place and has 12 weeks of classes ahead and then we shall queue again to try and get a place on the next block (if he enjoys it). Crazy eh? He's excited, he has boundless energy and is obsessed with "fast running" at the moment. "Fast running" with a ball is his dream come true so this will suit him perfectly!

As we enter the world of Statutory Maternity Pay i am trying to be more organised with food buying. I am actually planning meals. I might publish to my blog each week, not for interesting reading but simply for my own motivation and to keep track of what we've had. This week i planned for us and for Caleb:

Monday- Chicken Casserole and rice / chicken nuggets and rice
Tuesday - Fish cakes, potatoes and vegetables / fish fingers, potatoes and vegetables
Wednesday - my mum shall provide
Thursday - Tomato and Cheese Pasta Bake
Friday - Beef Casserole and rice

I am not planning the weekends!

Tomorrow is also Caleb's 3rd Birthday party; a joint party with his friend Eve. We have a sports centre booked for a bouncy castle and soft play party. 20 kids. That should be great for the tinnitus!


Rhona said...

Love the birth sampler....and your nephew doesn't know it's late, so don't fret!!
Hope your son enjoys his football lessons!

staci said...

The finish line is so close with the birth sampler!

Hope Caleb has fun at football...they're so cute at that age :)

Lynn said...

You are sooo close to a finish on this one! It looks fabulous and I'm sure you can have it finished in time.

Ah football, that should help him run off some of that energy, lol!

Suzanne said...

Your sampler is looking lovely. Caleb will have so much fun at football and run off all that excess energy.

A happy birthday to Caleb!

Maureen said...

not much to do with the sampler - i'm sure you will have it finished on time. Goodness I can't believe Caleb is going to be 3 - time certainly flies!!