Monday, 7 May 2012


I was touched to read your comments on my last post regarding Caleb, thank-you all so much. Unfortunately we are in the midst of another infection. The paediatrician decided he was fine to go back to his old meds on Thursday and boy, was she wrong. Saturday we were back to square 1; high temperature, sore back, hurts to pee etc etc. Its been pretty stressful. So far, we have managed to avoid the hospital although there has been a trip to the emergency doctor and a few calls to NHS24 which, by the way, is an amazing service. For all the grumbles you hear about our health service, i think it is amazing that we have it, and for free. When you hear about people in other countries who cannot get serious health conditions treated because they cant afford it, it makes me truely grateful to live here!

On top of all that we had a few days of Aaron hitting high temperatures after his immunisations. My gosh, parenting is so hard at times, not to mention stressful, exhausting, overwhelming and worrying too. I just hate to see them sick, it makes me feel very helpless.

Anyway, i need to finish on a more cheerier note. Im sitting here looking out into the garden and here are my lovely potted plants :-) I cannot wait to get things actually planted in the garden but we're waiting on the developers putting drainage in and re-turfing it.


Sharon said...

Goodness Cheryl, your babies are having a hard time. It does make you feel helpless. I hope they both get to feeling better very soon. Your plants are pretty-I have always wanted one of the fireplace things-but I live in Florida-too darn hot!

Christina said...

I know exactly how you feel. My Isaac has been out of sorts since he had his 13 month jabs on Friday. All he wants to do is cuddle up to us and look forlorn! It's so heartbreaking. All I can say is 'Thank Goodness for calpol!'
I'm looking forward to seeing your garden once things start to bloom!

Lynn said...

No wonder you're feeling so blah! I really hope you all start feeling much better soon. It's never easy when our kids are sick.

Your garden will be so lovely when it's complete. I'm looking forward to seeing mine cleaned up and planted soon.

Wendy said...

Sending prayers that both boys will soon be well and their poor Mum can breathe a sigh of relief!

Karoline said...

Hope everyone is feeling better now {{{Hugs}}}