Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stitching for Aaron

How about that? Some stitching for my stitching blog! I've started Aarons birth sampler; a chart from The Historical Sampler Company. It is such an easy stitch which is great for the evenings when im too tired to do anything but sit on the coach and zone out to another Grey's Anatomy episode. I dont even have to look at the chart much - perfect :-)

Thanks for the comments re. Caleb, he seems better now. Hoping for a healthy week! We're off to London on Friday for one of my best friends wedding and I am a bridesmaid! Exciting! My bridesmaid dress is gorgeous!


Christina said...

Oohhh, you will have to post photos of you in your lovely bridesmaid dress. I was bridesmaid twice in of the dresses I loved, the other I HATED!!! I am in London this week visiting family, i'll wave if I see you!!
I'm glad to hear Caleb is feeling well again. Isaac had his MMR 3 weeks ago and he hasn't been right since. :0(

Lynn said...

Great start on Aaron's sampler!
Hope the wedding went well. You'll have to post some pics! Glad to hear that Caleb is feeling much better now.

Karoline said...

Great start on the sampler

Hope you had a good time at the wedding

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