Saturday, 30 June 2012

Yiota's cross stitch

Ive been away from my blog all month, its been a busy one and i just havent had the time or inclination to sit at the computer recently. 

I was contacted by Yiota recently about reviewing one of her cross stitch kits. I was thrilled to! Who doesnt love a new start?! So, after perusing her website i picked this one. "Cottage by the Sea." Pretty huh? I want one of my spare rooms to be beach themed and running up my stairs i already have a selection of my favorite beach pictures, so this one would be perfect. It reminds me of Greece, one of my favourite holiday destinations.
Yiota's kits are lovely and included the chart, a needle, pre-wound threads and evenweave. Personally, im not a fan of madeira threads, i find them quite coarse, but the chart includes a DMC conversion if you are so inclined.  Speaking of the chart, its great. Big, clear symbols and easy to follow; so important when you have so much block stitching. It would make a good first time big project for someone. It's a big piece and i will be sure to mark off on my chart where i've stitched. I did make a small start in the centre, as suggested in the instruction page (which is a very helpful addition to the kit as well) but it was so small it didnt even warrant a picture!

In conclusion, judging by this kit, i would highly recommend Yiota's kits; so pretty, well presented and good value for money. Go check out her website!


Hazel said...

Lovely review Cheryl. X

Karen said...

Great review! :) I only just recently heard about this site.