Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada day y'all

Wowzers, June just flew by. My husband was away for 5days and that left me busy busy busy with the boys and around the house....the chores seem never-ending. 

Caleb finished his "ante pre-school year" at nursery. He loved it there and im sad he has to move to a new nursery but in the long-term it makes sense for him to do his pre-school nursery year in the school he will be starting next August (plus its a 5minute walk from my house). Im sad he has to leave his wee buddy Noah, the 2 of them get along so well and gravitate to each other every morning. However, i know at this age (3) that friends come and go and are quickly replaced by others.  

There was an end of term awards ceremony and the kids sang to all the parents. Too too cute. They were all individually presented with a book from the headteacher. I was very proud of my boy :) 

So now nursery school has come to an end we have 6 weeks of "summer" to pass. If the weather is dry this shouldnt be a problem but if it's as wet as it has been recently i do not know how we will fill the days!
Here's how i'd fill my days if i didnt have two little boys to entertain; stitching! Here's Aaron's birth sampler which i love working on
Finally, Happy Canada day! We didnt do anything to celebrate. I feel like we should, the boys are half Canadian after all. What do you Canadians do to celebrate? Matthew had no suggestions lol


Lana said...

Handsome boy!!! Love your birth sampler!!

Christina said...

Ahhh, well done Caleb! Iris switched nurseries when we moved up from London (obviously, bit of a commute otherwise!) and I was distraught. She had made some fab friends at her old nursery. 2 days before we moved back north I got a letter from the nursery telling parents that it was closing down! It made me feel a lot better about moving - if we'd stayed in London I would have had the trauma of finding another nursery there too!
Your birth sampler is coming on very nicely. I too am wondering how much stitching will get done during the 6 weeks hols - boo hoo! :0(

Suzanne said...

Caleb is too cute! Preschool here is not compulsory, but there are never enough places for children anyway. As I don't work, my children have the least chance of getting one of these places. Besides the cost can be so high I could need to go to work just to pay for it. Silly isn't it!!

Lynn said...

Caleb is such a cutie! My youngest granddaughter attends preschool and just loves it. I think they just finished off for the summer but the girls will be going to a summer daycare program in their neighbourhood.

We spent Canada Day very quietly but when the kids were young we always had a family picnic. Wearing of the red and white was compulsory!