Monday, 30 July 2012


July seems to have flown by. We're keeping busy in the holidays, despite the terrible summer weather we are having. I spent a week at our church youth camp, which was fab! We had a great group of girls and it was the first year in a long time without any major hassles. I never thought id consider camp a holiday but it really was, i enjoyed it and had the benefit of sleeping at home each night too lol.

Ive signed up for the Great Scottish Run (10K) on 2nd September, which i ran 2 years ago. So im busy trying to train for that again! I do love running.

On Friday we seen a whale washed up on our local beach! It was dead and pretty gross (its tongue had swollen to an unbelievable balloon like size) so i will refrain from posting a picture but it was still really cool to see. We watched it get lifted from the beach onto a truck, which now sounds quite morbid but i didnt tell Caleb it was dead. There's  a Fireman Sam episode in which Sam saves a washed up whale so i think he thought that was what was going on :) He kept talking about how they needed to get the double harness on it :)

Just having a relaxing Monday after a busy but great weekend. I had dinner with 5 friends on Friday night, took Caleb for his first ever trip to the cinema on Saturday (we seen The Lorax) and had some good friends over after church on Sunday. Oh and we've been trying to watch as much of The Olympics as and when we can, i really enjoy the swimming. London has done a great job of hosting so far! Gotta love this guy.... Ryan Lochte, for his swimming ability, obviously ;)

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Christina said...

Lol, gotta love watching Ryan Lochte! ;0) No offence to our swimmers but they just haven't captured my imagination in quite the same way!
I'm desperately trying to fill our summer hols as much as possible. 1 week down, only 5 more to go!
We had a whale wash up on a beach near to us about 6 months ago. It was alive for a little while but didn't make it. Apparently it was quite gruesome when they removed it from the beach as they did it in pieces. So pleased we didn't go and see it!