Saturday, 7 July 2012

Queen in town

On the 4th July the Queen and Prince Philip came to town! What a lovely day and a lovely event to happen in Inverclyde. This town could always do with some cheer. She looked lovely in her hot pink outfit and we got a great view of her
haha yeah right, that was not our view! This was my view (see below). I was so busy waving to her and actually watching all that was going on with my eyes rather than through a small screen, that my camera was pointing in the wrong direction. See the car wheels? Thats her ride. So we were really close and a got a good wave, you'll just have to take my word for it!
Calebs favourite bit was all the accompanying police and the royal helicopter. We positioned ourselves in the park where we knew she would be leaving from so we got to see the helicopter land, waited for her car (and all the police escorts) to arrive and then seen her take off in it. We were so close we got the downdraft of the helicopter, both boys were fascinated! The pilot spun around so that the Queen was facing the crowd and we got one final wave. It was great, a historic moment for Inverclyde.
You can see the Queen just behind the helicopter.

So, boys, if you ever look back at Mummys blog when you're older, Caleb (3.5 years) and Aaron (9 months) you "met" HR Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on 4th July 2012, her diamond jubilee year.

One final historic note, boys, tomorrow sees the first British (Scottish) male to get to a Wimbledon Tennis Final in 74 years. Go Andy Murray!


Maggie said...

How exciting! I've only ever seen Royalty once, it was Prince Charles and we were on holiday somewhere in Wales, I was only about 7 or 8 but i remember my sister and i waving our little union Jack flags, lol.

Rowyn said...

That's so cool Cheryl. I would love to see the Queen.

As a youngster I saw Princess Diana, but it was only a brief glimpse as she drove through my city.

Wills and Kate are supposed to be visiting NZ later this year, that would be cool to see them.