Friday, 19 October 2012

A Dipsy party

As predicted, i never did get Aaron's birth sampler finished for his 1st birthday. I have, however, been making good progress recently. These dark nights are good for stitching at least. Maybe by Christmas? HA, i doubt that, ive got their Christmas ornaments to stitch soon. Note to self: pick charts for Christmas ornaments soon!

We had a lovely weekend celebrating our boy's 1st birthday. On his actual birthday, the Friday, we opened pressies in the morning, then when Caleb got home from nursery we went for a quick look around the boat show at the marina and then to Macdonalds for tea. On the Saturday we had his party, which went really well. My house didn't get trashed by the 12 kids + parents. The kids all played great together. He had a teletubbie themed party (actually just Dipsy). He doesn't even watch teletubbies (is it even on anymore?) but ages ago someone gave him a Dipsy toy and a free promotional dvd and he LOVES it. He kisses Dipsy all the time and sits enamoured by the dvd. So a Dispy 1st birthday party it was...i even handmade the party bags but forgot to take a picture of those.
The sheer joy at receiving a new teletubbies dvd
Dipsy cake

Some of the party Food! 

Thank-you Pinterest for this rainbow fruit idea!

As for this 'Palm tree,' it was supposed to be 2 but when i got up in the morning the boys had eaten all but 1 banana, I quite liked it (another pinterest idea) but have now gone off it since my friend with the dirty mind described it as 'a bit phallic' hahahahaha

So we have a quieter weekend ahead this weekend. Matthew normally bikes on a Saturday morning with his friends from church and Caleb has a birthday party in the afternoon. That's about all i think! Hope to squeeze a good long run in seeing as the forecast looks good.


Hazel said...

Wow 1 already. That has gone quick. x

Lana said...

Oh! He is so cute, Cheryl!! Looks like lotsa fun was had by all, and love that cute smile on the birthday boy! Cute food ideas!!

stitcherw said...

Looks like he had a lovely time at his party, all the goodies have quite given me the munchies now. His sampler is looking good, we're moving into winter now and with the darker days and nastier weather more stitching time here as well. While you didn't make completing it for his first birthday, you should be able to by his second, and he probably won't mind :)

Lynn said...

Looks like it was a fun-filled party! I love how you presented all the goodies.
Aaron's sampler is looking good too. You never know, you just might surprise yourself and have it done sooner than you think!