Sunday, 21 October 2012

Cross stitch blogging world

When i started blogging back in 2007 it really became all about stitching. Wips/ufos/stash/wish lists/exchanges. Now i look back though, im not interested in reading about a chart 'i really wanted' at that time or a wip picture with a few more stitches in it than the last wip picture. Im blogging now for me and my family, to record some memories and im not so bothered about how many comments i can get from cross stitch world. Life has changed!

Saying that however, i am part of a cross stitch world. I love cross stitching and my blog is the best way for me to record my work! I love other cross stitch blogs. I love getting comments. I feel i have 'friends' out there from all this cross stitching blogging malarky. I just like my blog being about other things in life too. That's what i look for in other blogs now too. Im not so interested in the blogs that are purely about stitching with no bits of life thrown in.

What got me thinking about all this was looking through my google reader list this morning and seeing how many bloggers ive followed for years that are not there anymore. Those i find the most intriguing. Where did they go? Are they alright? Its so disappointing to follow someones life for years and then all of a sudden they never post again. You just hope nothing bad has happened. I hate not knowing! Then there are those that used to post so regularly and be so involved in all things cross stitch world and they are now only posting once every few months. Life changes for people, i get that., but i do always wonder what's going on, where they are, what they're doing now. It fascinates me. In my 'favourites' section on google reader, over half of those i subscribe to are now no longer blogging!

So i was blog surfing this morning, looking for some new blogs to follow and found some lovely ones. Hope to go surfing again soon to find some more! Things have changed since 2007! Any suggestions feel free to let me know

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Maggie said...

I have found more or less the same thing happening to myself and my blog, i don't stitch as much as i did, and knitting has taken it's turn as my 'thing' at the moment, that doesn't mean that I won't stitch when the feeling takes me. I love to read about other things that are going on, after all we all have more things going on than stitching and crafting, I have found that my comments have dropped too, perhaps it's because i was blogging about something different, or as you say, people disappear from the blogging world for whatever reason. Anyhow, you're still on my reading list and i shall look forward to reading whatever you blog about :-)