Friday, 30 November 2012

DeBloAdMo 2012

Here we are again! December Blog Advent Month. A concept designed by my friend Lori a few years ago. In fact i searched back through my blog to find Lori's original idea. Here it is:

 "Post every day in the month of December until Christmas one special idea you can do as a family, a couple or a group of friends. Of if you're really clever, post a wee thought each day about Christmas or something." 

Im doing it, for the third year. Feel free to join in! Let me know so i can follow your posts though! I can already say that im pretty sure i wont get to blog everyday but i will do my activity. I had great intentions of making our list less commercialised this year, get back to the true meaning of Christmas and all that jazz, but December has crept up on me again and im just not organised and im empty of ideas....i did throw in a few (day 12/day 19/day 23) 

Day 1 - hang up chocolate advent calendar and find the wooden advent calendar from the boxes in the garage!
Day 2 - Go to the Jingle Bell Fun Run (mummy's work) and walk 1K in Christmas clothes!
Day 3 - Message from Santa video
Day 4 - Elf ourselves
Day 5 - Have a special day with Grandpa and Grandma before they go back to Canada
Day 6 - Write and post a letter to Santa 
Day 7 - Christmas nativity concert at nursery
Day 8 - Go to Isla's birthday party
Day 9 - Get the Christmas trees up and start decorating
Day 10 -  Continue decorating!
Day 11 - Make paper snowflakes for bedroom windows
Day 12 - Do something for charity
Day 13 - Christmas whole school show
Day 14 - Make salt dough ornaments
Day 15 - Go up to Hamleys in Glasgow with friends for a special Santa brunch
Day 16 -  Paint salt dough ornaments
Day 17 - Go to Kinder Gym Christmas party
Day 18 - Make paperchains
Day 19 -  Read the nativity story
Day 20 - Nursery Christmas party and Funworld Christmas party at night with friends!
Day 21 - Have a Christmas picnic
Day 22 - Do an activity from our Usborne Christmas book
Day 23 - Sing Christmas carols and learn about baby Jesus
Day 24 - Have family round for Christmas Eve dinner, remember to put out milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph

Tonight we went down to the school in our village to see the lights get switched on, hear the choir sing carols and see Santa...... and its not even December yet!
Why do i look more excited than Caleb??


Lynn said...

It's my experience that the kids always look terrified when they see Santa and it's mom whose laughing and trying to encourage them, lol!
Love the pic!
Looks like you have a wonderful month scheduled ahead of you. Enjoy!

Andrea Holme said...

Happy December! I'm giving you the Liebster Award - you can come pick it up at Finish Friday!