Saturday, 8 December 2012

First week of advent activities

Well i knew i'd be bad at this advent blogging but was expecting to be this bad! I have managed not to blog at all in December yet, haha. We have been doing our advent activities though!

Day 1 - we put up the advent calendar. Easy one! I did not, however, get the wooden one out the garage. We are decorating this weekend so it will appear then, one week late ;)

Day 2 - The Jingle Bell fun run. I took Aaron to take part in his first race haha We ran 1K. Or more precisely mummy ran 1K whilst pushing a pram dressed as Santa and it was not easy!

Day 3 - If you've not heard of the Portable North Pole console, google it and do one for any kids you know!  Its amazing. Caleb and Aaron love their personalised message from Santa videos.

Day 4  - We did our 'Elf yourself' video, which Caleb loves and watches over and over. It does make me laugh.

Day  5 -  I was at work and the boys spent the day with their Canadian grandparents before they returned home to Canada. Caleb adores his Grandma and Grandpa. It was nice to get a bit of a break by having some live in babysitters for a week!

Day 6 - Letter to Santa written and posted. Royalmail have an 'address' to send letters to Santa to and he even writes back!

Dear Santa,
My name is Caleb and i am 3 years old, nearly 4. I have a brother called Aaron and he is 1 year old. We live  at.......... For Christmas, if im a good boy, i would like a didicar for playing outside, a new dvd and a new toy please. Thank-you Santa. 
Love Caleb

Day 6 - It was the nursery/p1 Christmas show 'Snowman at Sunset' and it was adorable.

We went to the Christmas carnival at the garden centre afterwards as a treat for such a good performance :-)

I had my first Christmas night out last night with my mummy friends from the nursery. It was a great night and it felt good to get all glammed up for once!

We'll be taking it easy today before i take Caleb to his friends party this afternoon. Fancy dress costume to sort out for that (boo), halloween's enough fancy dress stress for me to contend with lol


Carin said...

great pictures and I love Calec's letter to Santa. i hope his wish comes true !!

Lynn said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about everything you've accomplished in the past week. You all certainly seem to be enjoying yourselves! I loved Caleb's letter too!