Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent 8-12

This advent blogging is going well then ha ha ha

Day 8 - Caleb didnt make it to his friend's party as he wasnt feeling well. Aaron was super cranky. Saturday was a crappy day.We got the main tree up anyway and started decorating.

Day 9 - we continued decorating! Not a great picture but theres a small tree in the top left window and my hubby did a great job on the living room lights in the front right. Plus my blue and white snowflakes outside.

Day 10 - yet more decorating! I have a stitching tree this year! yay! That tree is in my kitchen and has my small collection of christmas stitching on it. I need to get a picture.
Also on day 10, Caleb had his wee friend round to make up for missing her party on day 8. He loves Isla. He told me. lol.

Day 11 - Fail. I forgot what the activity was and simply ran out of time to even look it up. After the nursery run i had to go and open up the church hall for toddlers, then rush back to pick up Caleb again. We had an hour to grab lunch at home and get sorted before heading back out for Caleb's Kinder Gym (gymnastics class). By the time we got home, after running around Largs looking for Aaron's lost shoe (which showed up eventually in the car) and dropping in at my sisters to wish her a happy birthday, it was after 4pm and my food shopping delivery arrived and i had dinner to prepare, then the kids to bath and get ready for bed. So no, i had no time to make paper snowflakes. We will, another day.

Day 12 - Do something for charity. Every year i plan to do one of those fill-a-shoe-box appeal things. Operation Christmas or whatever its called. However, every year, by the time i look it up, ive missed the deadlines which all tend to be in November. This morning however, Caleb and i had a good wee chat about Kenya. I cant even remember how the opportunity came up but it just happened and i got out my newsletter from Footsteps International (the wonderful charity some good friends of mine run) and we looked at the pictures and talked about how hard other kids have it and how Christmas is not all about 'getting toys.' Footsteps works in Kenya with street kids. Caleb was particularly drawn to a picture of a wee boy with scraps of material for shoes. Whats happened to his shoes mummy? Anyway, my little almost-4 year old agreed to donate the contents of his piggy bank (£14) to Footsteps International. Good on him. It wasn't really what i'd intended for this day, id originally planned to have them pick out some stuff we could take to a charity shop but the little chat was impromptu and felt right.

So thats my update. I work on a Wednesday and i am blissfully enjoying peace and quiet and computer time without little hands grabbing at me or trying to bash the keypad.

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