Wednesday, 7 February 2007

A little bit of everything

There's this really cool shop near to where i work called Rainbow Turtle. It's a fairtrade shop and i love it. They sell lots of handcrafted items. It's quite pricey but you dont mind because it's really nice stuff and makes great gifts for people. It's my mother-in-laws birthday on Friday and i got her a handcrafted purse and keychain. The picture doesn't show the colours up very well but its a stunning purple colour with beading. Ive started stitching the "summer fun" kit but i won't post a picture of my WIP at the moment as there's not much to see at present. I think it'll take me a while as it is quite a big piece. My heart's not really in it either as i really want to start stitching on Dollhouse which i have been looking forward to starting for what seems like ages! I was waiting for my fabric to arrive and it did yesterday. Yeah! However, i then realised i didn't have all the floss i'll need so will need to order more, so that'll delay my start again. I couldn't decide whether to stitch it over one (like the chart suggests) or over two. After some advice from Mercy, i have decided to stitch it over two. I think i'll get on better doing that. There's so many pieces that i want to start but just not enough time. I work full time for a charity so don't get much time during the week. Weekends have been relatively free so far this year but they soon fill up. I was looking at my calendar today and we have something planned already for every weekend from the middle of April to the end of June. Crazy.

Anyway, any day soon we will become aunty cheryl and uncle matthew! (Elaine, in case you read this, i know we already are to doggy nephew Barney, but it's not really the same!) Matthews brother and his wife were due their first baby on Monday so any day now.... Everytime the phone rings we're expecting it to be them! It'll be hard for Matthew being so far away from them at this time :( but we're going over to Canada on the 26th May so not too long to wait. It would be good if our families all lived in the same place.

Right, im off to watch England vs. Spain football match. I know being born and living in Scotland i should be cheering on Spain and booing England but i don't. I love the England team. We lived in England from when i was 6 until i was 21 and i have an English accent so consider myself part English. The Scottish do NOT like the English though which makes life interesting up here. I'm normally fine once i tell people i was born in Scotland. I used to work with young offenders and they were always nicer to me once i told them i was actually Scottish!! "Braveheart" is always fresh in people's minds!!!!


Vonna said...

LOL! Had to laught about the English / Scottish bit...My grandmother was a Scottish Campbell...they were a nasty lot were they not? Warring and fighting all the time :)
Anyway, I can't wait to see your progress on your projects :)

Jamie said...

Cheryl -
I love fair trade stores. There are some great online ones. is a great site. Congrats on becoming a an auntie! I feel the same way about not having any time - my calendar is very similar to yours and it's so stressful.

Jamie said...

Btw I just noticed a possible 2007 SAL and that Coffee Menu is on your To Do list. I just ordered the chart but I would love to do a Coffee Menu SAL!!

friendsareagift said...

I enjoyed your site.
Hello, I just stopped by to view your site and say God Bless You.

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Lana said...

Hi Cheryl! I can't wait to see your progress!

Paula said...

LOL Isn't it funny the scots don't like the english? Most English don't like the Irish
Braveheart....wasn't Mel gorgeous in that...and it was filmed mostly in Ireland and my dad actually drove Mel Gibson while he was here and I got a birthday card off him lol
Looking forward to seeing your progress on your projects....
Hope Baby arrives you are all excited.
Happy stitching