Friday, 16 March 2012

Amy Farrah Fowler

Im so into The Big Bang theory right now.

I cant believe Amy Farrah Fowler (or her real name, Mayim Bialik) actually has a  phd in neuroscience in real life AND shes written a book about attachment parenting. 

It was only on reading this article that i realised she is that Blossom girl and the kid in Beaches.

Everyday's a school day.....


Lynn said...

I had no idea that she had her PhD either. I just learned this fact when she recently appeared on one of our TV talk shows, The View. She talked all about her book too. It sure stirred up some controversy on her parenting method!

Christina said...

I used to LOVE Blossom so read her article on breastfeeding with interest. I must admit to feeling rather disturbed after I read it. Her children sound far from what I would consider 'normal' and healthy. What particularly bothered me was the photograph of her breasfeeding her 5 year old boy on the tube. Hmmm, each to their own, but I do wonder about women who breastfeed for this long. Is it for the child's benefit or their own? Definitely controversial stuff and it got my friends and I pretty heated when we were talking about it!