Saturday, 24 March 2012


Having lived in a flat since we got married and only having communal gardens maintained by gardeners, ive never really been interested in gardening. Now i have my house though, with front and back garden, i cant wait to get gardening. I have plans (in my head)! Pinterest's good for that!

I started off small this week, just potted a few tubs of pansies to pretty up the place! Im quite proud of my efforts. Aaron sat in his highchair whilst i worked away. I had a great time. Im not going to take photos of my tubs (yet), the neighbours will think im crazy.

I want a raised vegetable bed, some small trees and bushes, pretty flowering plants around the edges....ooooh the day, one day! I have a lot to learn yet.

Speaking of neighbours, the sun being out has been great for meeting people at long last. This street is going to be great for the kids. I met a lovely lady a few houses up who has 3 boys, one of whom will be in Caleb's class at school. In fact, already on our street alone, Caleb will have 4 classmates. Lovely! It's just like where i grew up. My sister and I spent hours outside playing with all our neighbourhood friends and i have such great memories! I love that our boys are going to have that too! Im so thankful for our new house.


Christina said...

I'm exactly the same! When we were living in London we lived in a flat for 3 years. It did have a private garden but as we were first floor it was quite a trek to get to it, so sadly it was very neglected! Now that we own a house I can't wait to get started on the garden. We spent last weekend trawling around garden centres. We bought quite a few violas, azaleas, fuschias and a couple of blossom trees. It feels so 'grown up' t be buying things for our'm 35!

PS - Did you read in the press today that Tori Spelling is 3 months pregnant...and has a 5 month old baby? Yikes! All of my yummy mummy friends were texting last night. My best friend said 'falling pregnant 2 months after giving birth? Bet she didn't have stitches!' ;0)

Terry said...

You are going to love gardening now that you own your own home! Can't wait to see the "finished product" pics.

Sounds like you picked a great neighborhood for the kids. They will have great memories!

Maggie said...

Good luck with the gardening, don't forget to share photos when your plants are more established :-)

Lynn said...

It's so much fun having your own garden but it is a lot of work. I'm not very good at the weeding thing any more so the garden starts to look a mess towards the end of summer, lol!
It sound like a wonderful neighbourhood in which to raise the boys. I'm glad they'll have lots of playmates.

Johnny said...

Once you start seeing your garden growing, you'll want to do even more work! It's a great hobby, and makes your yard look amazing.