Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mother's Day pictures

My boys on Mother's Day!

My Gran with Aaron on Mother's Day weekend

Mother's Day was a perfect blue sky sunny day. I got  some flowers (and a voucher when he realised the flowers weren't gonna cut it), breakfast in bed and time to go for a nice 20minute run. Yay! We had lunch out with the family. Nice day.

It was lovely to celebrate Mother's Day with Gran, who wasn't doing very well a few months ago. I love this picture!


Christina said...

What gorgeous boys! And such a lovely photo with your Gran. I cherish the few photographs I have of my daughter with my nanna. She never got to meet my son and that makes me very sad. :0(
I too got a lie-in and breakfast in bed - perfect!

Lynn said...

You've got a couple of real sweethearts there Cheryl! The photo with your Gran is just priceless. She's a very pretty lady.
I'm glad your Mother's Day was a good one!

Terry said...

Lovely pics! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day. Have a wonderful relaxing (if possible with those two adorable little boys lol) weekend.