Thursday, 15 March 2012

Getting Together for IWD

Seeing as this is a stitching blog, i will post my new start first. Apologies for the blurry picture. This is the piece i have chosen to stitch for Aaron and behind it, my start. I'm lucky if i stitch for even 10minutes a day at the moment so this chart is ideal, nice and simple and i rarely have to look at the chart

This week i held a mini fundraiser to support Oxfam's Get Together Event for International Womens Day. It was simply a tea and cake party in my home for a small group of friends, who bring a donation for Oxfam. With the issues that have been going on with work recently i've been thinking a lot about Women's rights and  the blatant inequalities that still exist in society. However, our country has it good compared with others. Do you know...
"There are around 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty worldwide; more than two-thirds of them are women and girls. Statistics like these reflect the bleak reality of life for millions of women in the developing world. All of Oxfam's projects have gender equality at their heart, ensuring women overcome the discrimination they face, and secure their basic rights." 

Just by having a few friends over, we raised nearly £50!

Our days/weeks have been busy recently; our usual commitments, lots of playdates for the kids, sorting out my redundancy, hospital appointments for my ear, Aarons eczema, injections..... and so the days are flying by!


Lynn said...

I love what you've chosen to stitch for Aaron! Little boys do love trucks and tractors!
The tea was a wonderful way to raise money for Oxfam while sharing time with friends. Congrats on its success!

staci said...

Well done on your fundraiser!!!

Anonymous said...

You do so well with your stitching considering all that is going on in your life. The fundraiser was a great idea and a fantasic amount raised. Janet x