Friday, 16 December 2011

Days 10 - 16

Wow, ive been a rubbish advent blogger. I just dont have enough time!! (and i like to sleep more than i like to blog).

So, whats been happening. I'll go backwards this time, because i like to spice things up....or more because the latest is the freshest in my increasingly forgetful mind.

Today, day 16 - Caleb is at nursery all day and Aaron and i will be going up later this afternoon for his Christmas party!

Yesterday, day 15 - We had a Christmas picnic. Whilst Caleb was at playgroup i set out a quilt on the floor, put out some goodies for lunch and gave Caleb a nice surprise when he got home. He loved it! Cookies, crisps and tzatziki, cheese, pancakes, cucumber with hummus.
Needless to say, he had the white chocolate chip cookies before anything else.

Day 14 - We made paper snowflakes. Or mostly i did, and Caleb wondered around the house finding other things he could cut with his cool new scissors. Did i mention my boy isnt really into crafts? LOL, i think i need to change up these advent activities next year. He did like sticking them on his bedroom window (i love the view out of the back of my house, a footpath and the forest, lovely)
Day 13 - FAIL. We didnt watch the Santa DVD because i couldnt find it. It'll be in a box waiting to be unpacked no doubt. Caleb was at nursery all day anyway. I went to toddlers and then Christmas shopping, which is now complete, hurray!

Day 12 - Make Christmas decorations. FAIL. I bought a kit out of Tesco but didn't realise everything required sewing or glueing. I didn't have any glue, i couldn't be bothered and Caleb wasn't interested at all. Again, less of the crafts next year!

Day 11 - We to his friend Isla's birthday party and then by chance, Elf was on the tv when we got home! Good job because like the aforementioned Santa DVD, i wouldn't have found that one either.

Day 10 - Our church went to a restaurant for a Christmas meal and it was fab!! We had our own room, the food was amazing and the kids all had a blast playing together. Our church has had some tough times over the last year so it was really great for everyone of all ages to be together socially, having a lovely time. More of that to come in 2012!

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