Monday, 19 December 2011

Stitching for the kids

Lo and behold i've been stitching again! I try to make a Christmas ornament every year with a nice personalised message on the back. I stitched this for Caleb last year and this the year before. This year, with time being scarce and two kids to stitch for now, im keeping the ornaments simple. Ive just picked out some motifs from a JBW Christmas stocking. Here's Aaron's (stitched in my favourite DMC 115):
Advent catch up:
Day 17 - Aaron went to his first ever birthday party, his wee friend Athan. Caleb stayed at home with Daddy. Daddy and Caleb had to come and rescue Mummy and Aaron when they got stuck on icy roads. Daddy also had to rescue Mummys friend Becky who also got stuck. The Salt dough never got made. Whoops.

Day 18 - Christmas service at church. Boy did Caleb have a blast and he even stood on the stage to sing! The kids were so cute holding hands, i think my favourite moment was when Isla started singing Jingle Bells in the middle of Away in a Manger. Too too cute! Nice memories.

Day 19 (today) - Caleb is at his playgroup Christmas party and ive to go back at 11.15am to watch him get his present from Santa. We are supposed to be painting our salt dough ornaments today but seeing as we never made them in the first place thats not happening! We will perhaps try and get them made this afternoon!

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Lynn said...

My plans with our kids never seemed to work out the way I'd planned. But we still had fun!
Love your little ornament for Aaron! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.