Thursday, 1 December 2011


You may have heard of NoBloPoMo? Well, last year, my friend Lori invented DeBloAdMo which stands for December Blog Advent Month. It's basically a Blog Advent Calendar. Copied from last years post..... "Post every day in the month of December until Christmas one special idea you can do as a family, a couple or a group of friends. Or if you're really clever, post a wee thought each day about Christmas or something."

I can pretty much guarantee i wont blog everyday in December. Ive only just managed to blog this now. However, we will do a special Christmassy activity each day. I have my list of activities ready and will post them tomorrow (maybe).

Today's activity was an easy one....hang up the chocolate advent calendar, explain the advent calendar i.e. *we only open one door a day* and start the Christmas countdown yay!

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Lynn said...

When I was a child we always had an Advent calendar only behind each door there was a picture rather than chocolate. Once I had children of my own, I carried on the tradition with the new chocolate Advent calendars. I used to hide them on the top of the fridge so they couldn't open all the windows early and eat the chocolate!