Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hurricane B***** and more catching up

Day 7 - we made 3 Christmas cards for Gran and Papa, Grandma and Grandpa and Lainey and Andy (pretty good for Caleb, he is not the arts and crafty type at all).

Day 8 - was crazy mad storm day otherwise known in Scotland as "Hurricane Bawbag" A name which i still cannot stop laughing at and if you want to read more about, follow the link. Anyway, the storm kept us inside all day, nervously watching the trees and the back fence. Fortunately there was no damage here. Oh yeah, and we made paperchains

Day 9 - Caleb is in nursery all day and so i took the opportunity to do some Christmas stitching (photos to follow in another post) and done some Christmas shopping. I didn't make the Elf yourself video as intended, but i will at somepoint.

Day 10 (today) - our church is having a Christmas lunch in a local restaurant, so we're looking forward to that. I have the boys Christmas jumpers all ready, oh how they'll love me for this when they're older lol


Lynn said...

Glad to hear you survived the storm with no damage.
Lots of activity going on at your place these days! Enjoy your luncheon with the boys. Hope you'll share a pic of them in their jumpers!

Maggie O said...

We need pics of those "jumpers". Glad to hear life is good!!

Suzanne said...

It's good to see that you are keeping busy on the lead up to Christmas. I have Christmas craft organised for the girls on the weekend. I need my husband home for reinforcements or everything gets out of hand.

We have been having some very unseasonable cold weather and it has been lucky to hit 25C most days, where it should be around 30C. I even had to take out the winter clothes again. Looks like everyone has been having some very strange weather. I am glad that you weathered the storm though.