Friday, 30 December 2011

Over for another year

To quote my dad immediately after all the presents are open (said every year since i can remember) "well, that's it for another year!" We had a lovely Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve having our traditional Chinese takeaway at my sisters house and Christmas Day at my parents. Last year Caleb was the only kid on the scene. This year, my nephew Harry (11months) and Aaron (2 months) were added to the mix. Good times!

I finished my ornaments for the boys (on boxing day). I'm feeling slightly guilty that son number 2's looks a bit small compared to son number 1's. Im quite sure neither will mind/care!
I fully intend to keep my blog more up to date next year (and even maybe more interesting) and keep up to date with all the blogs in my Google reader; it contains about 500 unread posts at present!

Today i'm enjoying a toddler free day which is, quite frankly, bliss!! One baby=easy peasey, despite his ridiculously short naps.


Vonna said...

Your ornaments are lovely :) And I look forward to reading more blog posts from you! :)

Erna said...

Your ornaments are fabulous.Have a very Happy New Year...

Maggie O said...

Your ornaments are very fabulous and a little different (sizes) just like your sons.

Suzanne said...

Love the ornaments! I still have to finish the children's ornaments. I am happy to start the SAL again, perhaps starting again this month. I am happy to do one letter a month still, less pressure that way.

My son has gone to having short naps in the day and waking every two hours in the night. It's very hard when he was sleeping really well and now I have to deal with this new routine.