Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas stitching

Day 19 (yesterday) was the Christmas service at church and that was our family advent activity for the day. I dont really have any good pictures but boy, that service sure made me laugh. All the usual kiddie crying on stage, kids picking their nose, kids getting shy and refusing to speak, kids refusing to go on stage at all, kids speaking so quietly even the mic couldn't pick them up, kids that are born was hilarious. Caleb just stood near the stage and watched, he wouldn't wear the shepherds costume, he's a bit too young for it all yet. It was so funny though, i enjoyed it a lot!

We are back to winter-wonderland again. The snow arrived thick and fast on Saturday morning. I do like the snow but i hate the way the council never seems prepared for it and the roads are left in such a bad state. It makes me very hesitant to travel. My Canadian husband describes this as a "proper winter at last." He's been over here for 8 years now and is disappointed with Scottish winters (and summers and autumn and spring hahahahaha)

I finished Caleb's Christmas ornament last night and i'm really pleased with it.
We're hanging out at my parents house today. I had my chicken casserole prepared and in my new slow cooker by 8am this morning! Go me!

I need to decide what our Christmas advent activity today will be. I think me might wrap a door - an idea i stole from Rebekkah's blog. We will of course spend a lot of the day out playing in the snow, Caleb loves the sledge!


Maggie O said...

What a lovely blog. Caleb's ornament is superb...what can I say. This is a gret timeof year...enjoy every blessed moment. I think you have our snow...can you send it back please.

Vonna said...

I love your ornament and the memory you stitched on the back :)

Kids in church...gotta love them :)

staci said...

Caleb's ornament turned out wonderfully and will be a treasure every year :)

Erna said...

I just love the way you made Caleb's ornament so personal.
And the snow, well the same here, out of grit after two weeks :)

Kathy A. said...

Caleb's ornament is so lovely. What wonderful memories you are creating for him. Your ornament/pillow for Rowyn is beautiful. I love it!
Merry Christmas to you all. Glad your DH is enjoying a Canadian Christmas. We are going home tomorrow to spend Christmas in Canad with our family!!

Lynn said...

I've been thinking about your DH and wondering if he missed his snowy winters. He should be used to driving in all the mess!
Caleb's ornament is so precious. Really nicely done Cheryl!

Rowyn said...

Love your ornament finish Cheryl, and how you've personalised it with a memory.

Karoline said...

Caleb's ornament is gorgeous, congratulations