Thursday, 16 December 2010

Robins and prizes

So glad tomorrow's Friday. We have a merger looming at work and lets just say all is not great. The interviews took place for the CEO yesterday and we are so disappointed with who they appointed. Its a bad time to be working in the voluntary sector. Its all about politics and who knows who and who is friends with whom. Unfair and unjust. Anyway, rant over....

Advent day 16 (nearly there)....todays advent activity was to make some robins! LOL. I seen this in the Tesco baby and toddler Christmas magazine. We (or I) only made one, it was tedious and Caleb wasn't too interested. He did like flying it round the room and crashing it into the walls once it was complete though.
I won a giveaway recently on Maggie O's blog. Everything arrived today and it's fab! Thank-you so much Maggie. There's so many lovely designs in this years JCS Christmas Edition. I never buy this magazine over here because its too pricey so it was great to win it!! I really want to stitch that JBW Star.
Off to sit on my butt for the rest of the evening.....after ive wrapped my work secret santa gifts and written my cards for everyone at the office.


Hazel said...

Cute robin! A great win. I just got my order of 3 past issues. Yes very dear but worth the money. xx

weebird said...

The bird turned out grrreat! ;)

ps- I ♥ winning prizes!

Maggie O said...

Was beginning to think your prize went via Siberia! The bird looks great...remember change is "always" good...look for the opportunities and not the downside of it all. Hope you do a nice stitchie from the book...I am useless at that stuff but I am trying!!

Lynn said...

Cute robin!!
Congrats on your win. I hope you find lots of ornies to stitch in the magazine. I love mine!

Brigitte said...

It's so much fun to follow your life during these pre-Christmas days.
Such a nice little robin.

Lisa said...

Sorry you're having such a hard time at work at the moment.
Your robin is cute, but does look fiddly to make.
What a lovely package you received, the JCS ornie issue is really good this year isn't it, and the star is on my to stitch list.