Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wrapping gifts tonight

"Christmas wont be Christmas without any presents." Louisa May Alcott

Havent been home all day and have about an hour before i'm out again. I'm tired. Tonight my friend Lori is having a "Christmas Gift Wrapping Party" though and this quote sprung to mind. So im off to wrap some gifts and write my cards.....tiredness is for wimps LOL


Tanya said...

Ha! Well then, I'm a wimp. :) I hate the wrapping part, sad but true. I enjoy the standing in line-buying the goods instead. Weird, I know.

Happy wrapping!

Maggie O said...

Happy wrapping. Kimberley Seldon (Designer) suggested a "girls" wrapping party. It gets it done. I think that is a great idea. I may have one of my own...I mean "me" on my own, wrapping, eating, drinking, laughing at past times etc...too weird eh!