Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Quilting

Like it? My Christmas table runner. I checked back on my blog to see when i started this. 3 years ago I took a quilting class with my mum over at the community centre. We were both beginners. My mum fell in love with quilting and has made some amazing quilts/tablerunners/pram covers etc etc since. She really got into it. I enjoyed the class but never really got into it....im not so keen on all the measuring and cutting of fabric, the concentration thats required and the endless sitting at the sewing machine. Anyway, i found this in a bag of fabric and all that it needed was the binding put on around the edge. I'd done everything else. So i gave it to my mum to do and within a few hours....voila! I really like it and am pleased with the fabric i picked for it even if it was 3 years ago! I couldn't get a good picture as the light is bad from like, 3pm.

On to our advent activities. Yesterday (day 20) we went to Sainsburys, bought nice cakes and came back and ate them sitting on the rug in the living
room. I made the mistake of leaving my half eaten cake whilst i went to put the kettle on and when i came back Caleb had scoffed it. It made me laugh anyway.

Today (day 21) we wrapped the door (an idea i stole from Rebekkah's blog)! We basically covered one of the doors in the hallway with Christmas paper. Caleb loved it! Here he is taking a bow


Maggie O said...

Applause, applause for Caleb!! Great idea and nice festive door. Tale runner looks great and festive colours...very talented.

Lynn said...

I love the idea of quilting. I just can't get past all the prep work either!
Your door looks very festive and Caleb seems quite pleased.

Erna said...

Great quilting, just like you it's not my thing, love the runner and Caleb's door :)
Erna xx