Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas gift from NZ

Gosh it been a long day. We're having crazy cold weather at the moment. I heard its to be -12 tonight. I cant remember temperatures ever being that low here. So, we had another day at home to avoid travelling in the snow and ice. I haven't seen some of my friends for weeks. Thankfully my friend Bev has a little boy the same age as Caleb and lives nearby so we spent the morning at her house. The afternoon has dragged by though and Caleb had a really late nap (as did i) which means he'll be up late tonight booooo. Plus we both have colds. Moan moan moan.

On a less moan-full note, i got a gift all the way from Rowyn in New Zealand today. A lovely reindeer ornament, a chart, linen, fabric and floss. My sister is expecting a baby (boy) in January and i think i'll stitch the chart for her. Rowyn, i love everything! Thank-you so much! The reindeer is hanging up already.
Caleb and I made paperchains as our advent activity today. I didnt take a picture, you know what paperchains look like! All i can say is YAH for Tescos pre-cut self-adhesive paperchains. No cutting/sellotaping/gluing etc etc. We also made 2 more Christmas cards for family and Caleb drew pictures (aka scribbles) in them all.

I very much doubt i'll get into work tomorrow, the weather there is even worse apparently. I can work from home though which is good although never as productive!

Stay safe and warm all! x

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Lynn said...

I remember those paper chains all to well! We use to use strips of leftover wrapping paper to make ours. With all that glue, of course!
Our weather has turned rather frigid as well. Snow today too although not nearly as much as my BIL in London, ON. I think they're up to about 80 cm with another 35cm to come! It's their worst snowstorm in years.