Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas 2010

All the big build up to Christmas and......i get sick!! Can you believe that?! Nothing too bad, just a cold but it really wiped me out. It started coming on on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day i was in bed by 9pm (and had had 2 naps during the day as well) and last night i was early to bed too (then wide awake at 5.30am). So, that was really annoying.

However, we still had fun. We had a lovely meal Christmas Eve. Here are the highlights in photos of Christmas Day.
Yes, Caleb got a kids Mini Cooper S from my parents and it does actually drive like a real car!! He even spent about half an hour cleaning it, is this a sign of things to come?!

Boxing Day we were in Ayr and Caleb got to meet his little friend Charlie who is my sister's nephew on the other side of her family. Good times.

What a great few days. Caleb has been on top form and enjoyed all the festivities very much! We're looking forward to a quiet-ish couple of days now before Matthew goes back to work on Wednesday.


Kathy A. said...

So sorry you got ill Cheryl. Love the budding rock star!

Maggie O said...

Awww,Awww, Awww. Aren't these the best years. We were in Hilton Head at the beginnning of December and in the Target store a a woman went by with a very, very large box on a buggy and the shoppers made a path for her to get through...and then they started whispering "it's a mini cooper" and " where did she get that" and about six people split and went on the hunt for one!! Must have been one of Santa's helpers picking it up Caleb!! Enjoy every minute and get well soonest!!

Chris said...

I hope that you are feeling better.
I love Caleb's new Mini!!!!!

Erna said...

Hope you feel better by now.
Love Caleb in his Mini
Erna xx

Maggie said...

Sorry you are not feeling well, there is lots of it going around, thankfully we have avoided it as yet, hope you are feeling better soon.

How cool is your sons car! i love it,lol. I miss having young children around, watching them all excited opening presents on Christmas morning is so special, my girls are all grown up now and the presents get smaller but more expensive lol.

Take care x

Lynn said...

How miserable that your cold landed in on Christmas! I hope you're feeling much better now.
Caleb's mini is awesome! I showed it to my sons and they wished they'd had one. He certainly looks like he's having fun. Enjoy your time with him.

Suzanne said...

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and that you have a safe and prosperous new year.

I hope that you are feeling better now. Love the little car, how awesome.