Saturday, 11 December 2010


Advent day 11. We made Star Shortbread. Its an easy peasy kids recipe i got from the Cbeebies website that simply requires plain flour, butter, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and caster sugar. Caleb rolled out the dough and helped to cut the shapes.
I didnt make too many, i wanted to make sure they tasted good before i made a big batch (they did and are all gone). I think i'll make more tomorrow and decorate them with the icing pen.

Check out this tray of goodies i got from my friend Sherri today. Rocky Road, Kris Kringle, Brownies, Butter Toffee, Kiflings, Peppermint Creams, Sugar Cookie, Chocolate and Pistachio Biscotti. Aaaamazing!! And they're all for us. Yum yum yum yum yum. The Butter Toffee and Peppermint creams have gone already and were absolutely divine.
Busy day today. Have been out for my sisters birthday this afternoon and im out again tonight. Still cant shift this cold :-(


Rowyn said...

What a cute pic of Caleb helping you out in the kitchen.

The shortbread and tray of goodies from your friend look very tasty :-)

weebird said...

what a good helper, and such shiny hair ;)