Wednesday, 1 December 2010


December Blog Advent Month. "Post every day in the month of December until Christmas one special idea you can do as a family, a couple or a group of friends. Of if you're really clever, post a wee thought each day about Christmas or something." I gonna do this! Feel free to join in :-) Let me know so i can follow your posts though! My friend Lori's idea. Im so rubbish at posting here im hoping this will inspire me to enjoy blogging again. Blogging for me. A record of our life.

1st December. Wow. Its a shame it's a Wednesday because i work all day on a Wednesday so no amazing special Christmas related thing we did as a family today. Is that a bad start? LOL. Let me just say however, Caleb and i have had the best few days together. We haven't been out of the village where we live because of the snow but have had so much fun and he's been so content. Maybe thats a lesson, maybe i need to do less running around going here, there and everywhere with him but chill more at home! The snow has been so much fun and my little outdoorsy boy loves it! Seriously loves it. We've built snowmen, made snow angels, been for walks and our ultimate favourite, sledging! Even when he fell off with his face right under the snow he still came up laughing so hard. We've had a blast!

As i've been at work, he's been with my parents today. Our Christmas advent activity for December 1st ....hanging his advent calendar...and eating his chocolate. This kiddo loves chocolate, i'm hanging the calendar high otherwise he will scoff the lot! Lets just say, the opening of the advent calendar wasnt a magical Christmas moment. Look at this photo...he was totally unimpressed at the size of the chocolate and then got mad that he could only open one door. Boy i cant wait to do this everyday LOL
Happy 1st December everyone. Let the countdown to Christmas commence :-)


Maggie O said...

Aww isn't he cute. Advent calendars are great when they get older but when little they don't understand why they can't open them I used to put little gifts in the ones that we emptied, like a car or ball (needs to be small -dollar store stuff) and it was a weee surprise and not"sweeties". Will post the Christmassy thing and see if I can get the hang of this.Off to warmer clims tomorrow.

Suzanne said...

Love the advent calendar. My girls have a wooden one with doors and we have filled it with all sorts of things, hairclips, plastic sparkly bugs, stickers and a few chocolates and lollies. They are so excited each day to open it up.

Good luck with the posting each day of advent. I know I couldn't do it.

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I am feeling a little better this week, so maybe the worst is now behind me. I just wish that my energy would come back.

Vonna said...

We don't do the Advent Calendar thing because I have 4 that are unimpressed and want to scoff the chocolate :)

When I was a younger mother I thought that the best way for my kids to learn was to run, run, run...everywhere. After the boys were born it slowed me down because instead of carting one, I was carting three. Then when Ellie came along I just stayed at home. You know what? My kids LIKE staying at fact they cheer to stay at I say...stay at home! :)